Goodrich’s Potato Flakes

Why Potatoes...?

Who would have thought that the humble potato is, in fact, a widely travelled plant that in the course of its journey has changed the history of the world? As a fact, potato is the fourth most important food crop in the world after wheat, rice, and maize. It contributes to almost 50% of the total tuber and root crop production. Potato has a good nutritional value as compared to many other staple food crops and is rich in carbohydrates. The root vegetable also contains proteins, minerals like calcium & potassium, and vitamins like vitamin C.

Our Sophisticated Manufacturing Plant

Goodrich Group has a dedicated team of experts who undertook thorough research to collect information about the finest machinery & equipment available worldwide for the proposed manufacturing activities. For Goodrich Cereals, the comprehensive research done by the team helped us to set-up an ultra-modern manufacturing unit in Karnal, Haryana. Most of the machinery & equipment employed at the flake processing plant are imported from the leading manufacturers in Europe.

We believe in offering the best quality products to our customers and strive to achieve this by utilizing cutting-edge technology in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Besides, the Group emphasizes the post-purchase maintenance of the machinery to ensure that product quality never gets compromised in any way.

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Goodrich Potato Flakes

Potato Flakes are the most important form of dehydrated potato products among others including potato granules, pellets, powder, shredded and sliced potato. The main reason for the widespread usage of potato flakes is their unique ability to reconstitute even with cold water.

The preparation of dehydrated potato flakes starts with cooking and mashing the potatoes. Subsequently, the mashed potatoes are pressed on to a drum drier by a roller to form sheets. The mashed potato sheets then undergo the process of quick-drying, which brings the humidity level to the desired value. The dried sheets are broken and ground to the required density to yield top-quality potato flakes.

Goodrich Potato Flakes are different from others in the sense that only the finest potatoes are utilized for the production. Additionally, we use the best machinery and equipment to produce flakes that are on par with international standards. Goodrich Potato Flakes are apt for using anywhere, where one would require potato mash.


  • Easy Storage, Easy Handling

  • One case of Goodrich's Potato Flakes weighs about 20 Kilograms and yields approximately the same number of servings as 100 Kilograms of raw potatoes.

  • Double Hold Time

  • Potato mash prepared using flakes holds 2 times longer than mashed potatoes made from scratch. Additionally, you can refresh the instant mash with water while holding on a stream-table.

  • 100% Yield

  • Potato flakes help to eliminate yield loss of 15% - 20% that originates due to the peeling and storage of raw potatoes.

Why Goodrich's Potato Flakes Are The Best

Goodrich's Potato Flakes offer yummy flavour with quick and easy preparation. We select, wash, peel, slice, mash and dry the potatoes using our proprietary process to extract top-grade potato flakes that deliver farm-fresh taste. All you have to do is add water to the potato flakes and watch the profits pile up with a cost that is less than the scratch, refrigerated or frozen potatoes. Goodrich's Potato Flakes will save your time, labour and costs altogether.

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