Uses of Potato Flakes

Potato Flakes are most often used as an ingredient in RTE/RTC products, snacks, and bakery foods. Some of the prime applications of potato flakes that show how this dehydrated potato product enhances the taste, value, and quality of different food are as follows:

As a Thickener

As a replacement for cornstarch and wheat flour, dehydrated potato flakes add volume to soups, sauces, etc. and are suitable to use as a thickening agent.

As an Ingredient for Formed Products

Formed products like burgers, patties, etc. can be conveniently made from potato flakes. The instant potato mash prepared using potato flakes also speed-up the preparation process of many formed products.

As a Binder

The starch in dehydrated potato flakes makes them perfect for using as a binder agent in meat and fish dishes, vegetable patties, sausage, and cakes.

As an Ingredient for Packed Snacks

Long shelf snacks like extruded products, fabricated chips, etc. can also be made from potato flakes. Apart from the above uses, potato flakes are ideal for manufacturing a variety of Indian snacks that are available as packed products. Furthermore, potato flakes are also suitable for preparing various Indian delicacies like Samosa, Dosa, Aloo Paratha, Aloo Bonda, etc.

As a Baking Ingredient

Because of the subtle earthy flavour, dehydrated potato flakes are popularly used in baked products such as bread, cakes, muffins, etc. Moreover, potato flakes retain water more than substitute flours, which increases the shelf life of bakery goods.

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