Creating Smiles for Farmers

The Struggle of Potato Farmers

Potato is a highly perishable vegetable having about 80% of moisture content in it. Due to this perishable nature, farmers cannot hold the product for long and need to sell it in the procurement season at give-away prices. As a result, farmers not only have to bear losses but also feel demotivated for cultivating potatoes.

The promoters of Goodrich Group had witnessed the farmers’ plight in 2011 in the states of Punjab & Haryana where farmers had to sell the potatoes at loss owing to bumper potato harvest due to which the potatoes were sold below Rs.1 per Kilogram.

Earn Smile by Producing Potatoes

Goodrich management after a lot of contemplation has set up a state-of-the-art potato flakes manufacturing facility with ultra-modern machinery imported straight from Europe at Village Nagla, Meerut Road, Karnal. With this plant, the company aims to provide potato farmers with a lucrative way to sell their potatoes.

We always purchase potatoes at assured rates preferably from the farms itself, which was in most of the cases lying in open sun in the absence of storage/transportation facilities. We believe that farmers should get the price that they actually deserve for their hard work.

To Delight Potato Farmers

The expert team members at Goodrich Cereals are already travelling tirelessly from one village to another village from the last couple of months to educate farmers with the sowing of a particular variety of potato. This will help farmers to realize their dreams of earning assured & proper remunerative prices for their yields.

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