Goodrich's Participation
Goodrich's Participation in thaifex.

Goodrich Cereals, a new enterprise in the food line, which hardly came into being, couple of month’s back, to the pleasant surprise of all, makes a maiden entry in a style in THAIFEX -2016

Glimpses are:

  • Spell-bound appearance of stall.
  • Delightful display of its products-potato flakes & powder.
  • An unprecedented foot fall 0f visitors. Countless enquires.
  • Stall visitors comprised of all folks: Bulk Purchasers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Importers, Press people, Elite section of the society (specifically working women) found products from Goodrich to their likes as it was real time saver.

We have made inroads of our convincing brand in the market, believe it will prevail, outshine others in the line. Few of such moments are captured & shown below:

  • Goodrich's Aahar
  • Goodrich's Aahar
  • Goodrich's Aahar
  • Goodrich's Aahar