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21 years of Innovation

Goodrich's Potato Flakes


About Us

21 Years of innovation



oodrich Group of Companies from last two decades has made inroads in multiple area of production in convincing & mastered way from Natural & Modified starches for Pulp & Paper, Corrugation & Textile Industry to Nutraceutical ingredients /Botanical Extracts/Maltodextrin Powder/Bakery & HORECA products, to Cooking cream, Table spread, manufacturing of Barley Malt for Breweries & Food industry. The group is a household name amongst the industrialists of Northern belt of the country. They revere the Group in high esteem for its quality, strict adherence of high standards and flawless governance by the experienced and qualified management.


oodrich Group pragmatic think tank to add new feather in its cap, has now stepped in to new significant venture in Food Industry: Goodrich Cereals, for manufacturing flakes from potato & has set up an ultra-modern plant of European standards with imported mechanism situated at village Nagla, Meerut Road, Karnal with a determination to become instantly, the leader with good repute in the processing line of potatoes. The facility is its threshold to come up with bang in the forthcoming potato harvest season and demonstrate its strategic presence in the very first year of its commissioning.




Guided by our relentless focus we shall provide superlative products at most competitive prices and exhibit exemplary customer services blended with consistent quality, innovation and continual commitment. Goodrich shall continue to lead and shape the market in which it chooses to compete.

To be a process centered organization which is bound to achieve number one position in immediate future in domain of quality, acceptability being the best globally in eyes of our esteemed customers through fair trade practices outperforming peers in line.


Since inception Goodrich Group of Companies has been perennial thinking at work with the promoters to provide adequate budgetary allocations for noble cause and do for upliftment of downtrodden .It means that there have been CSR alike activity before the concept of CSR came into being.

There had been pool of thought, why not bring an enterprise, a major project, with underlying theme to do an agro-business where most oppressed -the small & marginal farmers get rid of the plight of getting fixed and reasonable price of their popular produce –potato, under the banner of Goodrich Cereals. It will purchase all type of farmers’ produce preferably from the fields paying the cultivators competitive remunerative price for potato yield. A transport expense relief to farmers. There is also serious spadework actively in pipeline to come up with crop insurance plan.

A true enterprise should be socially sensitive. And Goodrich lives up to this theme. And the unique satisfactions derived from such deeds are rewards to our endeavors with its own underlying merit.

International Baby Food Action Network Over the years, Goodrich has believed in the philosophy of contributing and giving back to the community it operates in. Goodrich continuing many csr activities now has joined IBFAN (The International Baby Food Action Network) which is an International Network. Structured like a net, it encompasses the Earth. Groups are diverse: they may work on infant feeding issues alone, or they may be mother support groups, consumer associations, development organization's or citizens' rights groups. Some are staffed by volunteers, some have full time staff. What all groups have in common is they take Action to bring about implementation of the International Code and the subsequent, relevant Resolutions of the World Health Assembly. These are the main tools that IBFAN uses with the aim of ensuring that the marketing of baby food does not have a negative impact on health.

Goodrich has an affirm believe in IBFAN's Seven Principles:

  • The right of infants everywhere to have the highest level of health.
  • The right of families, and in particular women and children, to have enough nutritious food.
  • The right of women to breastfeed and to make informed choices about infant feeding.
  • The right of women to full support for successful breastfeeding and for sound infant feeding practices.
  • The right of all people to health services which meet basic needs.
  • The right of health workers and consumers to health care systems which are free of commercial pressures.
  • The right of people to organize in international solidarity to secure changes which protect and promote basic health.


No compromise for quality has been our priority since inception & it is a major contributory factor in our growth & expansion, it is a nerve center of our company without which we wouldn't have survived in the various formats of industry and we know the significance of it.

As we are aware that for potatoes the quality begins from the field. We have developed a high class quality team for educating the cultivators with on the spot tips of growing & taking care the particular species of potato. Our aim is to produce good quality potatoes and make flakes in consonance with international bench marks.

It is our main area of thrust which is well maintained and promoted by highly qualified and dedicated workforce. We constantly upgrade the products as per the technological changes and requirement in the fast flourishing industry. For us, Quality is utmost importance and we are always looking for the ways and means to evaluate and upgrade ourselves.

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Goodrich's Potato Flakes

Goodrich's Potato Flakes

ho would have thought that the humble potato is in fact a widely travelled plant that in the course of its journey has changed world history? After wheat, rice and maize, potato is the most important food crop in the world. It contributes to almost 50% of the total tuber and root crop production. Potato has a good food value as compared to other staple food crops as it is rich in carbohydrates and also contain proteins, minerals like calcium and potassium and vitamins like vitamin C.

The group has well qualified team which does thorough research about the best machinery & equipment available worldwide for manufacturing any of the proposed activity. Similarly, on the basis of working done, for potato flakes, the new manufacturing industrial unit: Goodrich Cereals has imported most of the machinery & equipment from of the best quality manufacturers available in Europe. This attitude of the company proves that It is not ready to compromise in terms of quality. Company takes care the machinery in post stage of purchase also, as has inducted experienced & team of qualified engineers for smooth operations and for optimum utilization of the facility. The discerning approach with minute working, makes the Group looks different and creates edge over its competitors.

Goodrich's Plant images displayed in this website are real and are used entirely for intended recipient for advertorial purposes. Copying, distributing them is strictly prohibited.


Potato Flakes are the most important form of dehydrated potato products, which also include potato granules, pellets, powder, shredded and sliced potato. Dehydrated potato flakes are made by pressing cooked mashed potatoes on to a drum drier, which form a sheet that can be broken up and ground to the required density. Potato Flakes can be used anywhere, where one would use mashed potatoes...


  • Easy Storage, Easy Handling
    One case of Goodrich's Potato Flakes weighs about 20 Kgs. and yields approximately the same number of servings as 100 Kgs. of raw potatoes.
  • Double Hold Time
    Holds 2 times longer than scratch mashed potatoes. Additionally, you can refresh with water while holding on a stream-table.
  • 100% Yield
    Eliminate yield loss of 15% - 20% from peeling and storage.


Product Potato Flakes (Normal)
Moisture 8% (max)
Reducing Sugar As per standards
As per standards
Bulk Density As per standards
Goodrich's Potato Flakes

Goodrich's Potato Flakes offer yummy flavor with quick, easy preparation we've selected, washed, peeled, sliced, mashed and dried the potatoes using our proprietary process that look in farm fresh flavor. All you have to do is add water and watch the profits pile up, with a portion cost that is less then scratch, refrigerated or frozen. Goodrich's Potato Flakes will save your time, labour and costs.


As a replacement for cornstarch or wheat flour, dehydrated potato flour, flakes and granules add volume to soups, stews, sauces, and broths.


The starch in dehydrated potato products makes them perfect for use as a binding agent in meat, fish or vegetable patties, sausages and cakes.


Because of their subtle earthy flavor, dehydrated potato products are popular in baked goods such as breads, cakes, muffins, etc. Moreover, they retain water better than substitute flours, increasing the shelf life of bakery goods.


Formed product like Burgers, Patties etc can be conveniently made from potato flakes.


Long shelf snacks like extruded products, fabricated chips are made from potato snacks. Apart from the above uses, in Indian snacks, a variety of applications can be made by using dehydrated potato products. Potato flakes can be used for various Indian delicacies like Aloo bhujia, fillings for Samosa, Dosa , Aloo Paratha, Aloo Bonda etc.


Goodrich understands Food Industry better... !

The major area of operations of Goodrich since inception has been manufacturing of various food products successfully such as Table Spread, Cooking Cream, Barley Malt for Breweries & food industry etc. The food product manufactured by the group have sizeable presence in northern indian market. The goods are highly rated amongst the clientele and have earned Repute. This clearly suggest that the group has well organised mechanism to read the market scenario and create immediate acceptability...

Potato Farmers


Potatoes are highly perishable vegetable having about 80% of moisture content in them. Due to this perishable nature, farmers cannot hold the product for long and have to sell in the procurement season at give-away prices.

The promoters of Goodrich Group had witnessed the farmers’ plight in 2011 in Punjab & Haryana where farmers had to sell the potato at loss as owing to bumper potato harvest it was sold below Re.1 per kg.

Earn smile by producing potatoes!

In this year the management after a lot of contemplation has set up a state of the art big sized potato flakes manufacturing facility with ultra-modern equipped machinery from the best of the producers in Europe, at Village Nagla, Meerut Road, Karnal.

The unit is aimed at purchasing potatoes at assured rates preferably from the farms itself, which was in most of the cases lying in open sun in absence of storage/transportation facilities.

The expert team members from Goodrich Cereals is already tirelessly travelling from one village to another village from last couple of months to educate the farmers to sow the particular variety of potato, so that every intending farmer may realize his dreams of earning assured & proper remunerative price of his yield.

To boost research in potato production, Government of Haryana opened a Potato Research Centre at Karnal which was inaugurated by Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh, good number of farmers from surrounding area have participated on this inauguration occasion.

Goodrich put up a stall to guide & educate the farmers about the processing varieties of potatoes. farmers were informed to getting assured price of their produce from Goodrich.

Potato Research Centre, KARNAL
Potato Research Centre, KARNAL

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